"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." - Michael Jordan


What awesome stuffs I made

Who am i ?

Where's all this creativity coming from ?

My name is

{ Julien Cheyrezy }

I live in / I'm from

{ Brussels (Belgium) / Lozère (France) }

fullstack web developer

{ community manager }

I'm a 27 years old freelance

{ with 7 years of experience }

Find me on...

j D Q


What I'm good to do with my hands (and my head)
to create THE WEB YOU NEED

Web skills

integration ++++ web development ++++
webdesign +++ project management +++ community management ++

CMS & Frameworks

wordpress ++++ jquery ++++ bootstrap ++
zend framework ++ prestashop ++


php-mysql +++ html-css-less +++
javascript +++

Social networks

facebook twitter tumblr
instagram pinterest


photoshop illustrator sublime text 2


Because everybody needs friends

Ahstudio Filmmakers

AHSTUDIO is a filmmaker company, mostly outdoor & extreme sports. Since 2011, we work together for an efficient digital communication on the film projects, which will be the advice, the website, and the social networks.

Arko - Creative Conspiracy

Arko is a creative agency based in Brussels, which explores the plurality of the creative process. Since 2014, I'm working with, and I'm responsible of web projects.